Cruiz is a small but growing swimming club focused on helping our members attain their goals in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We are proud of our club's history, dating back to 2003, and the achievements of all Cruiz swimmers.

We cater for all levels of competitive swimmers from beginners to ACT championship, NSW country and state competition. However, many of our members are non-competitive, and train with Cruiz to improve their fitness and technique, or prepare for other water sports such as triathlon and water polo.

Adults who want to stay fit, improve their stroke, train for an event or just swim with a group are welcome to join us for a morning workout.

Cruiz is affiliated to Triathlon Australia. We are partners with YMCA NSW, which manages the Canberra Olympic Pool, and we value its support for the squad program and other club activities.


Cruiz has adopted and endorses Swimming Australia's safe sports framework. The club strives to:

  • provide a safe environment for everyone involved in our club;
  • take an inclusive approach; and
  • ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people in particular.

You can read the club's constitution here.