Membership Application Form

Please fill out the membership application and leave it in the orange mailbox in the CRUIZ cage at Civic pool.  

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How to Join Our Club

 A pre-requisite for a swimming membership with Cruiz is the ability to swim at least 50 metres freestyle and have an understanding and ability to perform breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly to some degree. This will be assessed by the coaches in a special training session.

Membership Application Form

Membership fees


When joining Cruiz, you will also become a member of Swimming NSW, ACT and Australia. This will provide the insurance cover when participating in all club swimming and competition.

Membership fees are paid on a yearly basis and there are two separate components to membership fees as follows:

1. Cruiz membership fees.

2. Swimming NSW and Australia membership fees.

Membership arrangements have recently been streamlined and for current members this means that when notified, payment can be undertaken online through MyLANE. For new members, please contact the CTUIZ Membership Secretary.

Membership fee schedule

Please note: A parent/guardian of a swimmer under 16 must join the club and Swimming NSW (which covers membership to Swimming Australia). This type of membership is known as a ‘non-swimmer’ membership.


Non-swimmer/s (parent/guardian of swimmers under 16):

Training fees are managed and paid separately through IM Swimming. You will be invoiced directly by IM Swimming.