Meet/competition information

Entering ACT meets

 The linked ACT calendar of events includes an online entry tab. If no online entry is available, please download the meet entry form and follow the HOW TO ENTER MEETS instructions below.


Meet Flyer 


The meet flyer explains:


How to enter meets


The meet flyer specifies whether you need to enter the meet either 'online' or 'manually' (as per above), this is explained in more detail as follows:

1. Online entries - these entries are submitted and paid online through the Swimming NSW portal via the web link that is supplied on the meet flyer.  The closing date for entries is as per the meet flyer. You will need your username and password to enter online.

2. Manual entries - are submitted through Cruiz on or before the entry closing date as per the 'CRUIZ notices' email that you will receive regularly when you are a member of Cruiz or by using Team App.

This is how:

      1. Complete a meet entry form,
      2. View your previous swimming meet results on the Swimming NSW website,
      3. Use the EFT details below or post a cheque made out to 'Smartstart Cruiz Swimming Club' to CRUIZ Swim Club, PO Box 398, Gungahlin  ACT  2912:
        Account Name: Smartstart Cruiz Swim Club
        Bank: St George Bank
        BSB: 112-879
        Account no: 477615715
        Reference: Your family name and 'Entry'